In 2016 I graduated from The University of Northampton with a 1st class degree in Computing – (Graphics & Visualisation) BSc.

Modules and skills gained include:

  • Web Programming (HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP)
  • Database Technology (MySQL)
  • Media Technology
  • Graphics 2D/3D (C++, OpenGL, WebGL, Three.js)
  • Systems Design & Development


Since my university studies I have mainly moved into web development and focused on building custom WordPress websites.

In doing so I have extended my knowledge by learning how to make custom themes and plugins, via PHP and custom meta in the backend.

I have continued to improve my JavaScript skills (including personal projects on the side) and have a good working knowledge of HTML/CSS/SCSS for styling the front-end of websites.

In addition to this, I continue to try and learn new things, most recently I made a react based custom Gutenberg block for use on my own website (key features block) for some of the projects in my portfolio.


My interests in the computing world are mainly around programming websites and 3D applications in the browser.

My particular favourite library is the 3D JavaScript library three.js and I have many projects using this, it is great to create some cool demos.

Personal interests include watching/playing football, computer gaming, playing pool and looking after the cats (I live with 8 currently! 😸)