Shanti Warrior Yoga

A brand new website, using a custom WordPress theme for the yoga instructor company - Shanti Warrior Yoga, who provide a number of different types of yoga classes.

This project involved working alongside the yoga instructor and a designer to create a new website from scratch. The designer created the new logo and held a number of photoshoots with the instructor and members of his class to provide the images for use on the site.

Multiple designs/ideas were looked at and then the site was built out using a custom WordPress theme in a local environment before moving to the live server.

The custom theme as well as custom plugin (which provided multiple post types) provided the platform to perfectly match the design and provide a clean and fast loading website.

Key Features

  • Image based design, especially the striking images on the home page to showcase the power and strength, but also the calm and gentleness of yoga.
  • Classes and timetable page, providing the latest class schedule and information on each of the available classes.
  • Blog and events (custom post type) pages for the instructor to write posts and provide any info on upcoming events.
  • Testimonials custom post type to gather testimonials/reviews and showcase them as a slider on the homepage.
  • About page and podcasts page, provide a background story on the instructor and the chance to listen to the latest podcast (Everyday Yoga).
Shanti Warrior Yoga Website Mockup